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Embird Suite 
Modular software for computerized embroidery

More than 60 embroidery formats and 20 machine brands supported.
Not sure if Embird works with your embroidery equipment?
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All Embird programs are 32-bit applications and are available in a FREE demo versions .
They switch into FULL versions after insertion of the registration password.

Embird basic program resizes, splits, edits, displays, prints and converts embroidery designs. Current Prices and downloads .

Iconizer displays embroidery and image files instead of common Windows icons. Helps to organize embroidery designs, photos and images. Current Prices and downloads

Embird Studio
Digitizing programs for creation of logos and other embroidery designs. This installation integrates into Embird to enable digitizing by Digitizing Tools and Sfumato Stitch methods. It is not necessary to purchase both types of digitizing programs. Current Prices and downloads

Font Engine converts TrueType and OpenType fonts- into- embroidery fonts that can be used within Embird. Current Prices and downloads.
Sfumato Stitch allows easy and fast creation of multicolored portraits and other designs from photos. New vector-based Sfumato Stitch is installed as part of the Studio installation.
Current Prices and downloads

Predigitized Alphabets
Current Prices and downloads

Embird Cross Stitch allows you to create cross stitch designs, even with outlines, French knots and user-defined fill patterns. Current Prices and downloads

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