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  What's New
in Embird 2008


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  • Embird 2008 can be installed to any folder on your hard disk, not only to C:\EMBIRD32 folder. If you decide to install to other folder than "C:\EMBIRD32", please do not forget to choose the same folder when installing plug-ins.



  • New languages added: Danish, Russian.

  • New thread charts "Brildor AC", "Brildor CO", "Brildor MF", "Brildor NY" and "Hemingworth" were added.

  • Support for new format was added: Pfaff .SPX

  • Fixed bug in processing Pfaff .MAX, .9MM, .PCD and .PCQ files.

  • Fixed bug with "default start-up folder" in Ultimate Explorer+ window.



  • New sub-menu "Bernina Artista Medium" added to "Right Panel > Input/Output Operations" menu, allowing to read/write files from/to media card for Bernina Artista 200/730, Bernina Artista 630/640 and Deco 330/340.

  • New sub-menu "Create Designer 1 USB Medium" added to "Right Panel > Input/Output Operations" menu, allowing to read/write .SHV files from/to USB media for Viking Designer 1. Before you start using USB media written in Embird with Designer 1 machine, make sure that the machine has the latest firmware. If not, download and install the update from http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/us/3190_6597.htm.

  • When converting to .EXP format, Embird will now create also the .INF file containing the color information. The .INF and .EXP together form .EXP+ format.

  • New option "Options > Documentation Options > Draw Color Layers Using Black Color" added to Manager, allowing you to choose between viewing/exporting/printing color layers in black color or in the layer's color.

  • New command "Change Color Everywhere using Catalog" added to popup menu which appears when you right click the box with color, allowing to change the selected color and all identical colors in the design at once, using the color chosen from built-in thread catalogs.


  • When saving the Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop design into .VP3 format in Editor, it will create single .VP3 file containing both design parts.

  • When saving the Pfaff 2140 Grand Hoop design into .VIP format in Editor, it will create also .ESQ file for embroidery machine.

  • New command "Move" added to "Edit" menu in Editor. Use this command after selecting stitches in "Freehand Select Mode", or after selecting stitches
    via "Initial Stitch" and "Ending Stitch" boxes in "Select Mode". This menu will switch the mode to "Points Editing Mode" and automatically select points according to your stitch selection, so that you can move them across the Work Area.

  • New command "Acquire (Scan)" added to "Image" menu, allowing to scan image for background.

  • The rulers were added into Editor, it is possible to switch them off in "View > Rulers" menu.



  • Integrated lettering system 

  • Trace Tool (auto-digitizing)

  • Integrated Sew Simulator

  • Envelope Tool

  • "Flat" Display Mode (tab at bottom part of the screen)

  • Multiple Motifs in a Single Fill

  • New shortcuts F2 - F12 for activation of object creation tools (Fill, Column ...) instead for clicking on the tool bar.
    New shortcuts Alt+F1 - Alt+F4 for activation of Transform, Edit, Zoom and Pan tools instead of clicking on the tool bar.

  • Buttons 'Select Previous' and 'Select Next' in Parameters window to select another object(s) from inspector window without need to close the Parameters window

  • ''Arrange Outline Parts" function modified to have less restriction: 1. parts may connect at any place (not just ending nodes, so there is no need to split outline to small parts), 2. parts may intersect each other, 3. if parts are too far one from the other, program automatically inserts connection

  • Function to launch scanning software (main menu > Image > Acquire (Scan)...)

  • Enhanced shaping (union, insersection, difference) functions

  • Enhanced stitching algorithms of auto-column and Font Engine

  • New Motif and Outline samples (thanks Francesca)

  • New Column stitch sample (random stitch points in wide parts of column) for wide columns with satin look

  • New 'Snap to Object Edges' option to snap edited nodes to edges of other objects.

  • 'Save Selected As' function to save selected objects only

  • Preview in Border creation mode. Preview is displayed directly on the work area.

  • Enhanced stitches layout of freehand objects

  • Enhancement to stitching italic fonts with autocolumn (also in Font Engine) 

  • Fix to SHIFT+arrow keys and ALT+arrow keys functionality

  • Fix to sliding out the second column node from first column node

  • Fix to opening older .EPT (pattern) files

  • Fix to scaling of very small objects

  • Fix to scrolling of background image

  • Fix to saving Reference Width and Height with user-defined borders

  • Fix to displaying of connection parameters instead of outline parameters when splitting applique into layers

  • Fix to issue with 'Sort Colors' function when sorting grouped objects.

  • Fix to rotation of large images

  • Fix to editing of saved files with user-defined outline samples

  • Fix to motif fills

  • Fix to underlay stitches of 'closed figure' column. Center and edge underlay of such column now also forms a 'closed figure'.



  • New command "Acquire (Scan)" added to "Image" menu, allowing to scan image for background.

  • New command "Acquire (Scan)" added to "Chart" menu, allowing to scan chart for background.

  • New option "Divide outline/back stitch line" allows to prescribe whether the outline or back stitch line will be divided along the cross stitch grid, or not. If OFF, the back stitch line or outline is not divided - use it for animal whiskers, etc.



  • New hoops were added:

    * Brother Innovis Endless Hoop (100 x 180 mm) - Vertical
    * Brother Innovis Endless Hoop (180 x 100 mm) - Horizontal
    * Brother PR-600 Fast Frames Jumbo Hoop (overlap, 300 x 378 mm) - Vertical
    * Brother PR-600 Fast Frames Jumbo Hoop (overlap, 378 x 300 mm) - Horizontal
    * Super Double-Wide Hoop-It-All™ for Brother ULT 2000, 2500D, 1500D and 
    Babylock Ellageo, Essante 3 Series




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