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Iconizer 5.0
Plug-in for Embird Plus 7.20 and above

Iconizer works together with Microsoft® Windows® Explorer, the application which is present in every installation of Windows 95 and above and with other Windows programs. The principle of Iconizer plug-in is simple: normally, when you run Explorer and you are not using the Iconizer plug-in, each design file is represented by an universal "type" icon. Registered Iconizer plug-in will show a small icon of the embroidery design instead. This allows you to browse and sort your designs easily, because you can see the contents of embroidery files (Fig. 1) while using all the great features of Microsoft® Windows® Explorer and other Windows programs.

Warning: Iconizer plug-in does not works only with 32-bit version of Windows Explorer in 64-bit edition of Windows Vista. Find more details in FAQ list.

Please Note: Iconizer plug-in supports only those embroidery formats that are supported in Embird software.

Fig. 1  Embroidery files displayed as icons in Microsoft® Windows® Explorer

Use the "Large Icons" view to obtain the best results, otherwise the icons may be too small. In Explorer, click on "View -> Large Icons" command. (Fig. 1). Please note that you can have also larger icons: Specify the icon size in "Iconizer Settings" dialog box in Embird Options menu. The default size is 32.

Iconizer is available in demo version that displays only part of embroidery designs on icons. The rest of files is displayed as "type" icons until you purchase and register your copy of Iconizer.  Use the "eXplorer" menu in Embird to enter the registration number into the Iconizer. Registration number will turn your demo version of Iconizer into full version.

Fig. 2  Right click on embroidery file icon to invoke the pop-up menu

When you move the mouse cursor to some of the designs in Explorer, and you depress the right mouse button, the popup menu will appear (Fig. 2). There are four commands available - "Open", "Print", "Convert" and "Edit". You can choose any of them to perform the operation. When you double click on the icon, design will be open in Embird. See also Iconizer tutorial.

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