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Althea & Larry at St Andrews

This was us at 'St Andrews' Minore NSW (photo taken quite a few years ago). Althea died suddenly from a heart attack in July 2002. I have continuing the business, as she would have wished. After 25 years on 'St Andrews', ( about 15 miles west of Dubbo in NSW) - I have left the farm and am in Green Point NSW (near Gosford).

Althea's Needles and Threads Online came from Althea's frustration in trying to buy her own embroidery supplies. We started this project in early 1997 and opened for business at the end of June. Since Althea's death, I have moved to be closer to family and re-married. As I have passed normal retirement age, I have sold off all products to concentrate on selling Embird software only. I also do work on several other websites, drafting and other contract work

Visitors to Althea's Needles and Threads are welcome, but it is a good idea to phone ahead if you wish to visit. However, please do not expect a normal retail operation. As this business is only a small part of my work, I don't keep regular hours and go to Sydney on a regular basis to do work for other businesses, so do not have set public visiting hours.

16 May 1941 - 7 July 2002

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